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What is Hidromek?

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What is Hidromek?


Hidromek’s HMK 310 LC LR is a highly sought-after construction equipment product, weighing 35 tons and measuring 14.8 meters in transport length. It is favored by both individuals and businesses in need of reliable equipment.


This equipment boasts a carrying height of 3.14 meters and a carrying width of 3.4 meters, utilizing Hidromek’s advanced hydraulic system design. Its superior performance, fuel efficiency, and ability to improve operational efficiency have made it a popular choice for those seeking a safe and productive working environment.


In addition to the HMK 310 LC LR, Hidromek is a construction equipment manufacturer founded in Ankara in 1978. Since opening abroad in 1999, the company has continued to expand, making its first sale to Tunisia.


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